Are you a writer in search for illustrations that match the quality of your writing? We are professional illustrators. fischdesign offers professional illustration services in the following areas:

  • Textbook Illustrations
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Books and Children Book Illustration
  • Technical & Architectural Illustrations
  • Political Cartoons

We have experience with languages and different cultures. International and trilingual illustrators ready to help you illustrate any type of project. If you are in need of realistic illustrations or if you are looking for artistic illustrations that have a new and fresh look, email us today.

Textbook Illustration

We offer artistic and eye-catching Textbook illustrations, Grades K-12. Our illustration services include but are not limited to Language Arts, World Languages, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

We are creative, fast, and reliable – and we are professional artists. Make us part of your team! We’ll be happy to work with your editorial, design and production groups to supply the perfect illustrations for your textbooks, from simple, black & white or 1-color spot art to complex full-color scenes. Hand drawn and painted illustrations are done usually in pencil and watercolors.

Textbook illustrations are available as either .eps (Adobe Illustrator) files or hand drawn pen and ink renderings.

Are you tired of dark and heavy illustrations? Are you looking for modern subjects with a fresh look and a clean expressive line? We have what you need. We are flexible to work with you we consider all these things when we create your textbook illustrations.

Last-minute crunch? Call on us! We’ll work with you to help get your project out on schedule. Contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Medical Illustration

fischdesign offers medical and anatomical illustrations. We are artists who have been trained with live models and spent many hours studying anatomy as the foundation courses of our careers. Anatomical and Medical renderings are available as either .eps (Adobe Illustrator) files ready to print or hand drawn pen and ink renderings.

Book & Children Book Illustration

fischdesign offers artistic and eye-catching Book and Periodical Illustration as well as artistic Children Book Illustration. If you have written a book and you canĀ“t find illustrations that match your writing then consider giving us a call. We will work with you and understand your needs. We are artists as well.

Technical & Architectural Illustrations

fischdesign offers technical illustrations and renderings for Architects and Engineers. We have experience doing Architectural and Technical Rendering. If you want rendering of a machine or and idea you might have we can help you.

Technical illustrations are available as either .eps (Adobe Illustrator) files or hand drawn pen and ink or watercolor renderings. Architectural Rendering are always hand drawn in pen & ink or watercolors.

Political Cartoons

At fischdesign we enjoy creating Political Cartoons for fun. If you want a customized political cartoon, send us your cartoon idea and see it become a reality with characters that actually look like the politician of your choice!